Top Esports Myths that Playershive has proven wrong – Let’s begin!

Do you know what the most significant difference between the 1900s and today is? Well! It’s Gaming. From a simple snake game on Nokia 1100 to multiplayer online games with strangers on esports sites like Playershive, technology has definitely injected power into the video game industry. In 2020, the video game player statistics increased to 2.69 million global players. But, what’s more, shocking is that 1.2 billion people in the world spend their free time watching gamers play online during live streams. Henceforth, believe it or not, but online gaming or eSport tournament sites like Playershive have invented a new profession for the millennials.

In 2018, it was concluded that the entire video gaming industry’s gross income from online betting was $135 billion. With such high-end and real-time money on the record, some newbies out there still don’t believe that Playershive and eSports websites can do them any good. Why? The main reason is – eSports myths. These myths definitely cause the survival of lack of confidence in forthcoming gamers. Thus, it is Playershive expert’s courtesy to bring some enlightenment on facts that prove these myths wrong. Can’t wait? Let’s get started:

#Myth 1: Players are introverted and misanthropic

To begin with, the world often considers gamers as someone who is isolated from the social world. Especially when they don’t interact with people near them. Instead, they spend time playing games online with strangers. Hence, they are considered misanthropic. However, that’s untrue!

Fact: Playershive has come across hundreds of professional and newbie gamers who are indeed very social. In fact, on playershive, gamers have the freedom to craft gaming communities, teams, friendships, and much more. And evidently, some most amazing winners on Playershive have ended up in great places. So, from our perspective, gamers are not at all misanthropic.

#myth 2: eSports industry is on the verge of dying

That will be a big NO. For the most part, the eSports industry is considered a short-term trend that will die soon because gamers and viewers will soon lose their interest in eSports tournaments, and it will be as common as viewing videos on youtube in 2020. Do you remember a time when streaming video on youtube in the early 2000s was hectic?

Fact: Even from the statistical video, eSports is nowhere near fading away. Instead, the eSports industry is heavily improving. For example, Playershive, a real-time eSports website that arranges 2-3 tournaments each month, receives hundreds of participants and lacs of viewers on live streams alone. Esports are everywhere. Each country has famous gamers and game developers, and as long as new games come in every year, eSports will survive and grow larger.

#myth 3: It is a “violent” trend

This is one of the most mesmerizing and well-thought myths. And somewhere, people from the prior generations very strongly believe in this myth just because games like csgo and Dota 2 have evident use of weapons and such stuff. However, this myth has already been proven wrong via a universal research by Andrew Przybylski, a psychology professor at the University of Oxford.

Fact: Esports may have “violent scenes” in them. However, according to the research, eSports have become a way of stress-busting among youngsters. For example, Playershive is an entirely free eSports website where any pro gamer can participate in a tournament and win prize money. A gamer’s skills give him a new perspective on his lifestyle, regular choices, and of course, boost confidence.

According to the research conducted at the University of Oxford, violent games have nothing to do with youngsters’ violent behaviour. It is just a matter of prior generation connecting dots between two to make it stop.

#myth 4: eSports is not a career option

Do you remember when our parents used to say, “study! The playground will not give you a career.” But, soon enough, basketball, football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, and every other playground sport is now a part of the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. That’s what they say about eSports today. To begin with, the nature of eSport pros can be a bit rusty. For example, sitting in front of a computer system with a game controller doesn’t seem like doing anything productive to parents, guardians, and other elderlies around you. But, what’s the truth?

Fact: Today, there are numerous well-to-do eSports gamers out there. From Jesse Vainikka, N0tail, Topson OG, and Faker T1, everyone has a profile on eSport sites like Playershive. NoTail’s 2020 net worth is $6 Million, which he earns from eSport. And that’s undeniable.

Henceforth, eSports careers are definitely possible if you are persistent in your decision. Career spots as a gamer, live streamer, commentator, gambler, anticipator, and game developer have already become official positions. Where does your interest lie?


For the most part, everything in the world of the web has its set of pros and cons. Similarly, eSports may also give you a few cons which will force you to make a different choice. But, before you do so, check out playershive and let your gaming experience decide for you. For more, bookmark us and don’t miss tournaments!

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