100 Million Players Signed Up on PlayGrid Online ESports Platform from different countries

In this 21st century, the zeal of online gaming has taken over. Because, with PlayGrid, now players get a chance to enter eSports tournaments without having to go beyond their comfort zone. That’s right! If you are good at some online games like CSGO, it is time to stretch your limits and win monetary prize value online by entering the upcoming tournament on the best eSports website called PlayGrid.

Do you know? The intensity of online gaming and eSports has an overwhelming record. In 2020, over 100 million players signed up websites for eGaming that claim to offer rewards once the player has defeated all other players in the ongoing tournament. Thus, if you are one of those outstanding and impossible to defeat CSGO or Hearthstone players, you have a clear cut chance to win more than $1, 00, 000 only on PlayGrid – a true online gaming platform that gives you output with monetary value in the market.

So, without any further ado, let’s step aboard on this opportunity to brief you about some essential facts about ESports and why PlayGrid is a perfect platform to begin your journey of success as an eSport Tournament Winner:

430 Million Players are regular participants in online gaming

Times are gone when people were told to steer clear of games on phones and laptops because they were considered a waste of time. However, today, online gaming has not only become a profession, but remarkable eSports players also win large sums of money on trustworthy gaming websites like PlayGrid. Here’s a fun fact: Do you know? In 2021, the statistics of eSports have crossed 430 Million universal players. Thus, there is no doubt that the competition is running at a high pace. And, you wouldn’t want to miss that. Sign up on PlayGrid Now and enter the upcoming Dota 2 International Tournament 2022, which has a prize money of 16 million USD.

Dota Two – The most Iconic eSport of 2021

Believe it or not, but if you are good at playing Dota Two online multiple player games, you can make a profession out of it. Do you know? In 2021, Dota Two became the most iconic eSports of all time. If you play it at home, consider yourself no less than any football player who plays for the country and earns a net worth of millions and billions. In the past few years, PlayGrid has become a first-class platform for Dota two online tournaments. Not only this, but it holds World Championships for other prominent and ferocious games like Lol or League of Legends, CS: GO – Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Valorant.

Bring out the best in you and become a millionaire. Sign up and become a participant in this million-dollar opportunity only at PlayGrid.

If you are good at anticipating who wins, you can win for yourself!

The good part about eSports is that viewers also have the opportunity to win large sums of money via betting on players online. Can’t believe it? Well! We encourage you to take part in the online eSports tournament streaming on PlayGrid, which hundreds and thousands of players take part in and do their best! Be our guest and bet money on our remarkable players.

For eSports websites like PlayGrid, each “bet” counts. Here, you are less likely to fall and more likely to win. All players play independently, and it remains easy for you to pick out the most enthusiastic and experienced player in the game. Your chances of winning increase. Sounds like a dream? Make it come true with PlayGrid.

eSports is a billion-dollar industry

Do you know? Where thousands of online gamers participate in tournaments online, the counting of those who watch their online stream is much much higher. In 2019, on a gaming and streaming platform, Dota Two’s viewership reached 1.08 million, which broke many records. As a newbie in the eSports market, you may have your doubts, but we at PlayGrid provide opportunities to gamblers as well as players having their best interest in mind.

With millions of viewership watching your online stream, the gamers have the opportunity to earn while you watch. In order to balance this out, we also accept “Bets” on your players so that no viewer goes offline with a heavy heart and mind.

Did PlayGrid catch your interest yet? If yes, sign up today and start to earn money like you always want to – Gaming!


In the event that you are hearing about “eSports” for the first time, you will be shocked to know that in the upcoming years, eSport will become a part of the Olympics as well. So, stay tuned with us and boost your passion for earning daily money by playing games online. There’s no world better than the gaming world, which gives you power that you like!

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